Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Take Me, Cowboy - Maisey Yates

Growing up without a mother and in the country can end up turning you into more one of the guys rather than the women and feminine side that you are in fact. For Anna Brown , growing up she always had just her dad and two brothers and she was the baby girl and her best friend was Chase McCormack. Anna has never been into the girly side of things but with a new mechanic business opening up, it seems that things might have to change. Especially with the West Ball coming up which will be great for business and networking. The book starts off with Anna's brothers placing a bet - that she can't get a date to the West's ball. Enter Chase McCormack, he has been Anna's friend and partner in crime since they were younger and he also is A) a Bachelor and B) a hit with the ladies unlike his twin brother Sam who is very introverted and prefers to be a loner. The two of them took over their family business when their parents died , but due to the economic change - they have been barely scraping by and Chase needs an invitation to the West's ball to drum up investors and clients for their business. So the pair of them strike a deal, if he will be Anna's date and can get her ready for the ball - he can go along as her plus one. Since the pair have to make it real, they start fake dating but what happens when they both start to feel actual "feelings of love" towards one another ? Will they both "man and woman up" and cross the road of friendship to relationships ? Or was this a deal that was going to fail from the beginning ? 
Find out what exactly Take Me, Cowboy means by checking out Book #1 of Maisey Yates series "Copper Ridge- Desire".

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