Tuesday, August 30, 2016

VBT# Daring the Bad Boy - Monica Murphy

Daring the Bad Boy

Review: Daring the Bad Boy - Endless Summer Novel - Monica Murphy - August 2016

Annie McFarland is the type of girl who though stunning has never stood out , she has perfected her life in being invisible and the one nobody takes notice of . This summer at sixteen she finnally has the chance to attend Summer Camp and she has a plan to make herself into someone else - Annie McFarland - Miss Confident and Risk-taker.  This summer she will make sure that sheds her Miss Invisibility cloak and become one of the girls and possibly have her first kiss and maybe even a summer fling.  Jacob Fazio aka Jake has been in trouble one too many times now and this time his sentence has landed him working his community service hours at his Uncle's summer camp. When Jake was younger he loved this place but even since his mother died, he has drifted away from it. Will this be the summer where Jake can finally find his old self ? Or will the temptation of hot girls be too much for him and he will find himself into more trouble ?  For Jake and Annie it will be a Summer that neither of them will ever forget and will be one that will remain after summer ends.  What I loved about Daring the Bad Boy is that they kept other potential love interests in the novel - and not just focused on the main two as often romance stories do . You have heard of Love Triangles but in Daring the Bad Boy we have a Love Circle - As Lacey and Presley are interested in Jake , Jake is interested in Annie and Annie is interested in Kyle ? Though this summer sometimes what the heart thinks it wants won't be where you will end up .
For those YA and NA readers looking for a Sweet Romance read , Check out Entangled Crush's title "Daring the Bad Boy". A read that will make you dream of either your days of Summer Camp or have you wishing that you attended a Summer Camp of your own.

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