Wednesday, August 17, 2016

VBT# Ruthless - Lexi Blake

Ruthless (Lawless, #1)

Review: Ruthless - Book #1 Lawless Series - Lexi Blake - August 2016

Twenty years ago , the Lawless family was ripped apart when a fire was started in their house and their parents died that night. Whereas Andrew managed to save his three siblings. No-one was supposed to survive that night , many people blamed their dad for supposedly killing his wife and trying to kill his family. The Lawless siblings knew better though as their dad would never harm their family as he loved them to pieces. Turns out that his parents were killed by a hitman hired by three now successful business CEOS. Twenty years later,  the four Lawless siblings - Drew , Riley, Bran and Mia have reunited and are about to put their revenge plan with the assistance of Mia's husband Case into action. The first name on their list is Philip Stratton and with him dead, they will exact the revenge plan on his business part Steven - who played a part in their parent's death and Philip's daughter Ellie. Each with their role to play in the revenge plan, the family get to work but what will happen as Riley's plan to seduce Ellie starts to turn from a fun game of seduction and a fling to feeling more and actual feelings of love and the idea of a relationship or possibly a future ? Ruthless was a good book that had a great premise and I enjoyed reading the revenge plan and watching the character's minds at work and their were twists, that even I didn't see coming especially with the discovery and identity of a fourth person involved with the murder . The only downside for me was that I found Ellie quite a frustrating character and especially after Riley  poured out their heart to her , she still didn't trust him and yet when Bran poured her heart - she hugged him and it's not like he was not part of the revenge plan. I personally hate characters in books and IRL that play games as love should be straight forward and no messing with the heart and if you do - then bloody well accept the consequences , apologise and then you have two simple choices - forgive and love him or don't forgive and leave - don't hang around and continue to play with the heartstrings , especially if you aren't in the relationship 100% and for the long-haul.
 Anywho, I am looking forward to reading the next books in this series and watching the rest of the Lawless's revenge plan executed.

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