Thursday, August 11, 2016

VBT# Tell Me a Lie - Tamara Lush

Tell Me a Lie (The Story Series #3)

Review: Tell Me A Lie - Episode #3 The Story Series - Tamara Lush - August 2016

This is a serial that I have been enjoying and at the end of Episode #2 we were given a quick sneak peek into what Episode #3 would be about. At the end of Episode #2 we read as Emma and Caleb were engaged and then Emma revealed the news of their future bundle of joy as she was pregnant with his baby. I have to admit with Episode #3 I was a little disappointed, not because it wasn't an intense ride and I have to admit out of the 3 episodes this would have to be by far the most intense episode but because I thought their was only going to be the three episodes for some reason , so when it ended on a major cliffhanger I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO as now I have to wait a while for the Episode #4. In Episode #3 , we watch the lovely couple of Emma and Caleb finally tie the knot and head to the Northern Lights for their honeymoon. I loved reading about this as it is on my bucket list to visit one day in the future. As Emma is now heavily pregnant, she can't travel with Caleb to Brazil on his business trip and so he packs up with the promise to keep in touch and be back home in a week. The week goes by and the pair keep in contact until one night Emma doesn't hear back from Caleb. Worry sets in and so begins a nightmare of sorts as Caleb is missing. Has Caleb vanished or is he being held captive ? What happened that night for Caleb to disappear from the whole world and his new wife and future baby ? For more answers and unfortunately you will be left with questions too , check out "Tell Me a Lie" by Tamara Lush -Episode #3 of the Story Series.

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