Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: She Can Tell - Melinda Leigh


Review: She Can Tell - Book #2 She Can Series - Melinda Leigh - December 2012

Rachel Parker has moved back home after a terrible riding accident that almost left her crippled , but despite odds she has moved on and now instead of riding she runs a horse ranch. Though life in her hometown hasn't been pretty for her as someone is vandalizing her property and soon stalking her. The suspect list is long and can range from her sister's ex-husband - an abusive spoilt brat to random enemies. As things start getting more serious , Rachel is introduced to Police officer Mike O'Connell who we see sparks fly , however Mike being on the case must keep his professional distance. Soon though , clues and evidence start re-surfacing from a case over twenty-five to thirty plus years ago arise and it seems that Rachel may know more about this case than she realised as she searches into her deep sub-conscious and it seems that she witnessed something fateful that night and someone wants her silenced, the thing though is can Rachel remember before it's too late and she finds herself the one buried six feet under ? 
This was a good mystery read as I needed a dosage of crime after reading light-hearted and romance novels. Fans of Kendra Elliott and Mary Burton will enjoy Melinda Leigh's series "She Can" and if you love this and want an Indie read then check out Nina D'Angelo's series "Stephanie Carovella" with Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide.


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