Monday, December 30, 2013

Review: Take Three - Whitney G


Review: Take Three - Book #2 Jilted Bride Series - Whitney G - December 2012

What was supposed to be a publicity act turned out to be the worst thing as A-Lister actress Selena Ross was left at the altar by best friend Matt. As Matt had finally found the love of his life Melody. After the publicity act blew up in Selena's face, she has been almost blacklisted from the scene and told to go quiet for six weeks till this thing blows over. So she has headed home to Arkansas where her mother runs a bakery shop. The other story intertwined which is where the undercover boss picture comes into play . Ethan Lockwood is the CEO of Ambrose Coffee and has been sent undercover to work as a barista in one of the small town shops to find out how to make more profit out of the business. While in Arkansas , Ethan meets Selena and they start dating - however they are both hiding the truth of who they really are. What will happen as their relationship starts to heat up and then after the six weeks they are to go back to their real-lives as the rich and wealthy people they really are ? What will happen when they discover who they "really" are ? Will they still be able to love each other when they go back to realities?
Find out in Book #2 of "Jilted Bride Series" by Whitney G. Definitely a series worth reading.


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