Monday, January 4, 2016

Review: Going For Two - Laura Chapman

At the end of Book #1 it seemed that Harper and her boyfriend Brook were settling into a nice routine with his league career and her work and of course her newfound love of fantasy football. It seems though in Book #2 Going For Two her happiness and relationship and everything that she has built up will be rocked to the core as her husband Brook gets a new promotion as Head Football Coach which is a huge deal as he will be taking the team to the Nationals, but it means that their relationship time will be limited. Can Harper work at being a Football WAG or is she not cut out for this life as she finds her and Brook starting to distance and become further apart ? And it's not just Brook's life that is a-changing as Harper has been helping her brother-in-law to be plan the perfect wedding proposal for his girlfriend and there have been talks at Harper's work of possible lay-offs which will leave not only the majority of workers without a job but also her fantasy football league diminished ? Going For Two is a revaluation novel where Harper must decide whether she is happy in her life and the way it is headed or is there something better out there for her ? A Different direction in a world where she is not a Football WAG ? 
Find out in this fun Sports Chick-Lit novel by Laura Chapman . Book #2 in her Queen of the League series.


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