Friday, January 15, 2016

Review : Lumberjanes - Friendship to the Max ( Volume #2)

Lumberjanes, Vol. 2:  Friendship to the Max

Review: Lumberjanes - Friendship to the Max - Volume #2  -October 2015

The Lumberjanes are back for more adventures during their Summer Camp , the Lumberjanes are like our version of Girl Scouts , but these Lumberjanes are anything but interested in arts and crafts as they have found strange things lurking in the woods from rabid boys that want to kill them , three headed dogs and Dinosaurs to strange witches and powerful people who can turn you into rock. Once again as disaster strikes their camp, it is up to the Lumberjanes to not only earn their badges along the way but to use their outside skills and different knowledge sets to save the day and the camp from Danger as in Friendship to the Max , they must learn to work as a team if they all want to survive the day from the powers of Diana and Apollo who are hunting for the powerful ring which will make them the most powerful beings on earth as they enter into their sixteenth birthdays. Can the Lumberjanes work together and save the day or when one of them gets holds of the power, will they separate from their friends and leave them in the dust ?
Find out in Volume #2 of the Lumberjanes -Friendship to the Max. This series is perfect for those Tomboy girls , ones who love graphic novels and adventure.


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