Friday, January 22, 2016

Review: When Joss Met Matt - Elle Cahill

When Joss Met Matt

Review: When Joss Met Matt - Elle Cahill - February 2015

In a world filled with New Adult novels with similar storylines it can be often hard to weed out the great ones from the here-we-go again storylines as though they have something the same , you can tell when the author is amazing as the book itself jumps out at you as a you need to read this as it's awesome. For me , that was When Joss Met Matt. It could be partly due to the fact that some of this book I could see happening in my life and you know as a woman when you get near thirty , you start questioning yourself about is it really time to stop what I am doing and time to settle down ? Does my other half want to settle down with me or am I wasting my time ? Joss and Matt first met each other in College - they are now in their late 20's and over time the pair of them became fast friends and eventually "sorbet buddies". This was their terms for a friends with benefits type relationship as they only had sex after one of them had a bad break-up and needed to get the negativity out of their system. It worked great for them as long as they followed their rules - which ended up being about fifteen of them. The book follows the pair through this routine of sorbet sex for the next seven years until they both realise that it has to stop. For Joss , she has finally realised that she is actually in love with Matt but is afraid to tell him in case it ruins their friendship. What will happen though when Matt meets Tara and talks about ending their arrangement and moving away ? Has Joss lost Matt for good or will she at the last minute get the courage to tell Matt how she feels and we discover whether or not he feels the same way about her ?
Find out in this amazing New Adult read "When Joss Met Matt" by Elle Cahill - a book that all of us females who have ever had a best male friend that we have secretly loved or been in a FWB relationship that has ended in wanting more will totally understand and see themselves as just like Joss.

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