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Review: Thrown - Colette Auclair

Thrown (Aspen Valley, #1)

Review: Thrown - Book #1 Aspen Valley - Colette Auclair - December 2013

Are you a fan of Horse stories ? Love those romances where your ordinary girl gets the celebrity but not without a lot of drama and troubles ? I may not be a huge animal lover but I have always enjoyed reading horse stories ever since I was a little girl and in love with Pony Pals and The Saddle Club tales. In Thrown we meet Amanda Vogel who was on her way to the Olympics as an amazing rider and jumper but all that came crashing down when her best friend Courtney was killed in an riding accident and it struck Amanda hard as she fell into a depression state. Now she has been offered a job for the summer break which will help with her desperate financial situation. She has been hired as a teacher for Hollywood Celebrity Grady Brunswick's daughters Solstice and Wave. Two very spoilt children who like to get their own ways - one part that made me laugh at how spoiled they were was when Grady asked Amanda if she could make the horses look more like My Little Ponies and Pimp them . As the book goes along we read as Solstice and Wave start to like Amanda and vice versa and soon she becomes like a substitute mum/friend for the girls and things seem to be looking up in the romance department for Amanda and Grady, but will it all fall apart when not only Grady's mother Estelle comes to visit but also Grady's hot co-star and on/off girlfriend actress Priscilla who wants to be the one whose fingers adorn Grady's engagement ring. Will Grady grow a backbone and stand up for what he wants and fight for the one he loves or will she become another missed opportunity for him ?
Find out in Thrown by Colette Auclair , in the Aspen Valley series - a series I am looking at continuing and reading the next two books.

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