Saturday, January 16, 2016

VBT# Love So Perfect - Marquita Valentine

Love So Perfect (The Lawson Brothers #5)

Review: Love So Perfect - Book #5 The Lawson Brothers - Marquita Valentine - January 2016

Star Quarterback for his football team , Austin Lawson has always had the playboy image and the star quality which means he can come across as a jerk every now and again and his latest break-up with Bianca - a model has gone viral and he looks like the bad guy as he was unaware she was filming it and she has edited out his apologies and left him looking like the bad guy. Now with his coach and PR team breathing down his back about his image, he has been given a few months off to go home , lay low and cool down so that the Coach and PR company can do some damage control. Austin heads back home to the small town of Jessamine where his siblings all live and what better way to earn some brownie points than to volunteer at the local school. He is put in Harper Bell's 2nd grade class and she knows nothing about who he is , so she's not one to make him any favours. As Austin gets to know Harper he likes her and sees that this is a good opportunity for his PR Company as she is a nice wholesome girl and not his usual type. What will happen though when Harper finds out the truth and feels betrayed especially since she is not one to take rejection and hurt easily , is this enough to break Harper ? Has Austin gone too far by using her as bait as he has started to actually love her , something he has never felt before ? Can Austin win back Harper before it's too late or has Mr. Star Quarterback lost his chance with Harper forever ?
Find out in Marquita Valentine's latest read "Love So Perfect" Book #5 in the Lawson Brothers Series.

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