Thursday, January 28, 2016

VBT# Elegantly Wasted - Cara Vescio

Elegantly Wasted

Review: Elegantly Wasted - Book #1 The Wasted Series - Cara Vescio - July 2012
If you love assassin stories , then Cara's series The Wasted Series is the read for you as we start with the setting of Frankie's grandmother's funeral - the Matriach of the family and we learn that she comes from a family of killers , it felt like a mob family. Frankie was always a bit of a Black sheep and when she graduated High School , she was given a choice to escape the family and become part of an organisation called Osiris or attend college at Dartmouth. She chose the first and travelled to Egypt where she was introduced to the world of contract killers and hitmen/woman aka Strikers. For years , she trained to be the best until one day she went undercover at her cousin Kat's job and a hit went wrong which ended with her shot and having to go to one of the Company's doctors which to her surprise was her cousin Addie. Eventually Kat joined the company and the three of them became part of the killer organisation Osiris but secrets are revealed at their grandmother's funeral and after her death that reveal their families part in Osiris and that family connections can run deeper than anyone could imagine. That no matter how far you try to escape from your family, you will always be found and connected. Family is their with you forever.
This book is like Charlie Angels with Three bad ass chicks being assassins, kicking ass and taking care of the bad guys. AKA shanking, shooting, or slicing their necks.
 If you love Assassin, Spy Stories, Dysfunctional Families - the whole "shebang" then Elegantly Wasted is the book for you.

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