Monday, January 11, 2016

VBT# Chasing Crazy - Kelly Siskind

Chasing Crazy

Review: Chasing Crazy - Kelly Siskind - January 2016

Two things that I loved most about this book Chasing Crazy was the fact that the main character Parafinina aka Nina went backpacking on her own to the opposite side of the world , growing up I have always wanted to do this but I am not the type of personality who can drop everything as Nina did - drop out of college, leave a note and just disappear and jump a plane to New Zealand of all places . That brings me to my next favourite thing - the fact that the author based her book in New Zealand, being from New Zealand myself I was able to imagine the different places where Nina went and imagine the scenery and what was around her, which made reading this book exciting for me as it was closer to home than other books which are set overseas would be.  Chasing Crazy starts off in the American Airport where Nina spots a hot guy - Sam and then fate would bring it that they are on the same flight. They both get off the plane in Auckland Airport and believe they will never see each other again , but destiny and fate has a idea up their sleeves and they wind up staying at the same backpackers. Is Destiny and Fate trying to tell these two something ? As the book goes on , we read as they become closer and their chemistry sizzling but what happens when it comes time to reveal their dark secrets and Sam must let Nina into his past ? Can she forgive him and let him know that no matter what happened, she still loves him or will she disappear from the Drama as she escaped her life in America to be drama -free ? 
Find out in Chasing Crazy by Kelly Siskind today.  The perfect read for those who are backpacking in foriegn lands and cupid strikes their arrows.

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