Saturday, January 30, 2016

VBT# Anatomy of a Player - Cindi Madsen

You know that movie with Kate Hudson and Matthew McCounaghey "How to Lose a guy in 10 days" ? That's what Anatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen reminded me of as we meet Whitney Porter and Hudson Decker. Whitney dreams of being a journalist but apparently according to her Professor all she is good for is being a morning news announcer as she is blonde and looks ditzy, she wants the hard news though not the fluff pieces and definitely not a job reading off a revolving teleprompter. Hudson Decker is on the verge of failing and is a hockey player who thinks that he walks on water and needs something to distract him from his personal life. Whitney has been dumped one too many times as she tends to keep falling for athletes who just hump and dump her. In order to boost her journalistic skills , she applies for the school newspaper and gets the only role left as a sports reporter mainly reporting on the school's hockey team. As a side project she will expose the ultimate players by learning how they tick, what they want and all their dark and dirty secrets and who better to go for than Hudson Decker - the Bad Boy of Hockey . What Whitney doesn't realise though is that his friends have set him up on a bet that he can't get Whitney into bed and have her become another notch on his bedpost. So begins their "fake" relationship and courting as each one has their own agendas at play .  Of course, what will happen though when secrets are revealed and they both discover that they are actually falling in love with one another ? Can a Player be tamed and a Cynic Romantic be swayed ? 
Find out in Cindi Madsen's new read "Anatomy of a Player" which now finishing has me wanting to re-watch the film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days as I own the DVD.


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