Saturday, January 23, 2016

#VBT - The Mother Road - Meghan Quinn

The Mother Road 

Review: The Mother Road - Meghan Quinn - January 2016

In a way this review is hard to write as I don't know what to put except for the fact that I am not normally a comedy person and sometimes too much laughs in a book can get so over the top and you are just like urgh , come on really. However , The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn was fantastic and I do not think I have laughed this much in a book in a long time , it was fabulous as the characters were also that real down to earth lumberjack feel that readers have seen in Daisy Prescott's series. I had to keep interrupting the boyfriend while he was playing his Xbox One to read him passages and chunks of the book as I was laughing my way through the pages and then would get to a bit and was like, "listen to this" .  The Mother Road focuses on a family taking one last road trip in their now ancient RV as the older brother Paul is getting married and before their mother died - she had planned a family road trip along Route 66 and while cleaning up the house and preparing for the wedding, they came across their mother's itinerary and plans for the trip.  This trip would have been alright, but Marley's brother Paul's best friend Porter has been invited and they have not seen each other since that fateful prom night where Marley was about to lose her virginity to Porter and he left her by herself in their hotel room.  Armed with old stories , pranks , vengeance and revenge and a small enclosed space along Route 66. This is one RV trip that no-one is going to forget let alone Marley and Porter.
The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn is one of those books that will have you not only enjoying the romance and family threads but will also have you in stitches from page one and once you have finished , raving to all your friends on what they have to read next.

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