VBT# Killer Pursuit - Jeff Gunhas

Killer Pursuit

Review: Killer Pursuit - Jeff Gunhus - January 2016

First off , I loved this cover and that's what attracted me to reading the book Killer Pursuit. After reading romance stories , every now and again I like to delve into my mystery side of life and so knowing I had to read this one for the Xpresso Tour , I picked it up and was chucked into a world of serial killers and an FBI Agent Allison McNeill. From what I gathered she is awesome at her job but this is not a good point, as the FBI in this book is still very much a man's world and so she doesn't fit in.  After a takedown goes a bit haywire, Allison's head is on the chopping block and so she is given an off-the books type investigation from the FBI Director Big Boss himself who throughout the book I was cautious of him as he seemed dirty. An escort used by quite a few high profilers has been murdered and there are rumours she had video and that it is currently sitting out on the dark web. One of the upcoming presidential canidates Summerhays was caught with the escort with his pants literally down. So now the web of those involved has grown bigger in order not to prevent a scandal or massive takedown as if the videos were to be leaked - quite a number of powerful men would come tumbling down and it would host a domino effect.  As Allison starts investigating the videos and with not knowing who to trust, she keeps everything close to home but what happens when she discovers that others are hunting for the videos and one of them may be the killer and if she gets there first - then she may become the next victim to have her throat slit and silenced. Can Allison cope with everything that is happening as she is also feeling guilt for the people who lost their lives in the sting, her sick dad and now having a murderer on her tail. 
Find out in this action packed FBI thriller - Killer Pursuit by Jeff Gunhus.


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