Friday, March 31, 2017

Review: Buy Me Sir - Jade West

Buy Me, Sir

Review: Buy Me Sir - Jade West - March 2017

When Melissa was at high school, she heard a talk from a new fresh-faced businessman named Alexander Henley. She even managed to snag a ciggie from him. This founded a lifelong obsession with him, and one day she knew she was going to have her way with him. He was the guy she was going to lose her V-card too. Then tragedy struck, and Melissa ended up being a guardian to her baby brother and dropping out of law school. She had to find another way to get to Alexander, so she became a cleaner in his firm. She had heard whisperings that the way to move up was to be the very best and with Alexander as an incentive, she worked her little butt off, and it paid off. One thing leads to another, and she finds herself cleaning for Alexander's house. Of course, she needs to take things further if she is going to get her man. She discovers that he belongs to a sex club and has a thing for females with hard or no limits at all. Melissa decides to join the club under an alias and sells herself as a Virgin wanting her cherry popped with no limits - Anything for Alexander. Over time, Melissa starts a double life. What will happen though when her double lives start to clash and soon come to a crashing halt? Will she be able to keep Alexander or will her years of hard work be flushed down the loo as her lies start to unravel and if there is one thing Alexander hates the most it is liars?
Find out in Jade West's new Dark Erotica Romance "Buy Me Sir" - a book that reminded me of a BDSM version of the Jennifer Lopez film "Maid in Manhattan."


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