Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review: Veiled - Kendra Elliot

Veiled (Bone Secrets #3.5)

Review: Veiled - Book #3.5 Bone Secrets Series - Kendra Elliot - December 2013

Lately, I seem to have got back onto a mystery kick, and I love it. It's funny as it's not till you start reading a particular genre that you haven't in a while that you discover how much you love it. I was in the mood for a Kendra Elliot, so picked one of her short stories which I have had sitting on my Kindle for again years. The other thing that I love about this book is the cover. All of Kendra Elliot's Bone Secrets have similar covers which appeal to me. In Veiled, Jack and Lacey are ready to tie the knot finally and are currently scoping out potential marriage/honeymoon spots. The pair also finally have vacation time and head to a current popular spot. While there, though, a dead body turns up in the outside hot-tub and she's wearing a wedding dress. One thing leads to another and due to Jack and Lacey's expertise and the fact that this small town doesn't usually get a lot of dead bodies and now they are piling up will add their skills to the mix. What will happen though when the pair start to get close to the killer and the killer panics? Lacey who has had so many brushes with death, is she on her last leg as the killer needs another victim and it seems Lacey is his perfect victim? 
Find out in this quick murder mystery read by Kendra Elliot. One that will have you hooked from the first page and if you have not yet discovered this author and love your crime novels, then after reading Veiled, it will make you go and purchase her backlist.


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