Monday, March 20, 2017

VBT# Proof of Lies - Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Growing up Anastasia and her sister Keira moved from country to country with their parents as they were world-renowned engineers and co-owned a company called Dresden. They became part of a club known as Dresden Kids which are nomadic children whose parents move around every few months, and if they are lucky, then they can live in a place longer than six months. Boston was supposed to be their last stop, and their new home as Keira had just started medical school in Boston and the company's base was in Boston. That is until Anastasia's parents inform her they are off to Canada.  Her parents leave and then Keira is awoken with the tragic news that their parents have been killed by a drunk driver. Keira becomes Anastasia's guardian, and for the next year they struggle, but they make do with what they have. That is until Keira has a Mother's Day Eve party with her nursing friends and the next morning their house is a crime scene. Keira is missing, and the bathtub is overflowing with blood and a lot of it. Anastasia, the only one who believes her sister is still alive will start an international mission along with her new best friend Marcus - a fellow Dresden kid starting off in Italy. What will Anastasia receive though is more questions as she discovers her parents weren't what they seem and that Keira's disappearance could be connected to their deaths? Proof of Lies was a fast-paced novel filled with lots of twists, and I loved the direction that the book took with uncovering Anastasia's parent's company. The only thing I wish was that we might have had a bit more interaction with Marcus and his family and how they are connected, though I did read at the end that they will be featured in the next book.  Proof of Lies left me with lots of unanswered questions, so I am hoping that the next book will give readers like me a clearer view of what is happening and of the past and what has led to the current events.

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