Thursday, March 16, 2017

Review: Belle - Anonymous Girls

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 Review: Belle - Book #1 Tangled Royals Series - Anonymous Girls - March 2017

When I was first approached by the two authors known as Anonymous Girls, I was intrigued as their email had captured my attention as they have described everything that I love from the whole Xoxo Gossip Girl feel to the fact that it had a Fairytale theme, then, of course, being set in a high school environment. I was like HELLO, I'm definitely in. I had been waiting patiently for the ARC to arrive and OMG when it did, I opened it and started reading it almost immediately. I loved this book. It has everything that fans of the fairytale world will love from the characters names like Elsa, Belle, Snow, Ariel, Adam, Prescott Charming to the ranks of the cliques from Peasants to Royalty. To the world of high school drama including juicy gossip, secrets, crushes, scandals and of course what's high school without rumors floating around.  The first book features the story of Belle and Adam, and of course, readers be prepared for the countless twists and turns of the characters and storylines as Belle is not the fairytale that you grew up on. Writing about this review, it's making me want Beauty and the Beast movie to hurry up, but before you get started, I want you to chuck out every preconception you have about the story of Beauty and the Beast and Belle being similar out the window as everything is not what it seems.  The Tangled Royals series for New Adults by Anonymous Girls is what Suzanne Selfor's Ever After High series is for Children. If you love Fairytales, Royalty and High School Cliques and the drama that comes with attending school every day then check out Belle by Anonymous Girls as this is a book needed to be added to your TBR lists.

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