Thursday, March 16, 2017

Review: Royal Affair - Marquita Valentine

Royal Affair (Royals in Exile, #2) 

Review: Royal Affair - Book #2 Royals in Exile Series - Marquita Valentine - April 2017

One of my favorite themes to read about is Royalty and Cinderella type tales.  Royal Affair by Marquita Valentine was refreshing in a way as it still followed suit and style that I loved but in a gender reversal way as it seems with the royalty books it is always the male that is part of the royal family and the female is the commoner. In Royal Affair, though, we are met with Princess Charlotte aka Char Sinclair.  Charlotte is second to the throne in their small kingdom as females rule the throne not males, though it seems a twist is in order and one I didn't see coming in Royal Affair. Charlotte for months, possibly years has been busy stalking Brooks Walker - owner of Walker Media and a journalist, one who has a love for uncovering everything to do with politics and the royal Sinclair family. His latest plan to get closer to the Sinclairs is through Charlotte but what he doesn't count on is that Charlotte isn't the wallflower and doormat type princess everyone paints her out to be. In fact, when she wants to be - she can be the one calling the shots. What starts off as a romance arrangement between the pair and a royal affair however as the novel moves on starts to blossom into deeper feelings but can Charlotte be with a commoner like Brooks? What will happen though when secrets of Charlotte's past come to light and could potentially threaten her and Brooks happiness? Will Brooks discover what he wants finally in life and end up with a Mary Poppins of his own? Find out in another amazing book in the Royals in Exile series by Marquita Valentine, and now I hold my breath in anticipation for the next one in the series which will be either Theo's or Imogen's story. If you love reading about Royalty and haven't jumped on the bandwagon of royal fiction yet, then check out the first two books in Marquita Valentine's series "Royals in Exile."


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