Monday, March 20, 2017

VBT# Legally Charming - Lauren Smith

Legally Charming (Ever After #1)

Review: Legally Charming - Book #1 Ever After Series - Lauren Smith - March 2017

Felicity Hart is not your partying type of girl; she is the one who studies and is headed places. Currently, she is doing her Masters in Arts and has big plans to move across to California and became a Museum Curator. Dragged along to her two friends Layla and Tanner's Halloween party, she decides to have some fun and dresses up as a princess. Tanner's brother isn't due to a home that night, so Layla gives Felicity his bedroom.  What happens next though is that Jared does decide to come home and arrives at a raging Halloween party when all he wants to do is sleep, but this is a case of Sleeping Beauty as there is already a princess fast asleep in his bed. One thing leads to another, and the pair starts to have some sparks flying between the two of them. The thing is though that they come from two different worlds and unlike Jared and his friends - Felicity has had to work hard for everything she has earned.  After a brilliant one night stand, Felicity leaves as she knows it will never work out between the pair of them, but Jared has other ideas up his sleeve as he wants the relationship to work. What will happen though when Jared's best friend playboy Thad gets his eyes on Felicity and wants to win her? Will Jared step up to the challenge and fight for what he wants especially when it turns out that it may have to end in an ultimatum Felicity or his job as a partner in a law firm? I have to admit, the ending of this book frustrated me though as I hate girls who play games and also the relationships that are back and forth as it's like make up your mind already. You either want him, or you don't, stop playing and messing with each other's minds.  If you love fairytale renditions and cutesy, sweet romances, then check out Legally Charming by Lauren Smith today as you will not be disappointed.

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