Friday, March 31, 2017

VBT# The Hard Truth About Sunshine - Sawyer Bennett

 The Hard Truth About Sunshine

Review: The Hard Truth about Sunshine - Sawyer Bennett - March 2017

Did you ever watch that TV show Red Band Society ? The one where the group of teens were stuck in the hospital together because they were all sick and it followed their journey, their lives and the fun times and the bad ? Sawyer Bennett's new book The Hard Truth about Sunshine struck me as a New Adult version of the TV Show.  Each one of the characters met in group therapy at a local church, they are all messed up one way or another and soon will realise that they will only have each other to rely on.  The Hard Truth about Sunshine flips between the past - leading up to where the characters are today to the present - where they are now. The group is currently on a road trip ticking off each of their bucket list moments . Each person in the book has suffered some personal tragedy but soon will realise that life with one another is something that can make the slightest difference and help us to live another day or find the Sunshine in each and every situation.  A warning to readers as this book does trigger alot of emotions and targets a number of different issues from genetic diseases, cancer , family members dying , abuse and PTSD . In a way The Hard Truth About Sunshine was a Red Band Society meets The Breakfast Club kind of book while on the road trip of a lifetime and for some of the characters it may be the very last thing that they ever do. If you are wanting an ugly cry book and a powerful yet inspiring at the same time read , then Sawyer Bennett's new book "The Hard Truth about Sunshine" is the read for you.

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