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Review: When We Were Lost - Kevin Wignall

When We Were Lost

Review: When We Were Lost - Kevin Wignall - June 2019

As a fan of James Patterson's novels, I have been finding myself enjoying some of the authors that he has had in his publishing line of "James Patterson Presents".  Though so many people talk badly about James Patterson, I am a big fan and I love how he is giving so many new and unknown authors a chance to make a name for themselves in the published world of YA novels, etc. The second thing that attracted me to this book was that it had a survival/ Lost feel to it. Kids lost in the jungle? A plane crash and a potential killer among them? Sign me up. This book starts with us being introduced to one of our main male leads Tom. He is someone who knows death as he lost both of his parents in an accident and now lives with the philosophy of everything happens for a reason and the fact that we all die sometimes and of course the Butterfly Effect which will be spoken about quite a few times throughout the story. Tom is reluctantly headed to Costa Rica with a few from his school as his guardian Julia is away on a Yoga Retreat. While flying over the Amazon Jungle, they end up in a plane crash. Some end up dying and others live but Lost in the wilderness with no adults. Tom is one of those survivors along with a group of other teens from their school. Of course, like most situations, we see Joel taking the automatic role of leader but right from the beginning it really should be Tom and during the novel, we see him subtly standing up and being a non-threatening leader. During the book, it will be a fight for survival, especially when the numbers of survivors start to dwindle and their supplies, and as the tagline reads - some will die, some will live and one will become a killer. If you love action and adventure stories and survival tales, then check out When Were Lost by Kevin Wignall today.

Amazon Link - https://amzn.to/3lVUJrv

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