Monday, October 12, 2020

VBT# Seconds - Cam Johns

Seconds (Internet Famous, #6)

Review: Seconds - Book #6 Internet Famous Collection - Cam Johns - September 2020

Moving onto Book #6 in the Internet Famous Collection we meet Braxton Knight, a celebrity chef, and this tale of Cam Johns is based loosely on Rapunzel. I have to admit I was a little confused at first as the book is set in two different periods. We have Braxton now where he is trying to get another second chance with Senara whom he slept within a no-strings relationship during a dark time when the love of his life - his first love Phoenix died. Now three years later he is becoming very successful and going to therapy as he is ready to try and move on and we read as he shares with his therapist his love story with Phoenix that was cut short. Phoenix was a designer who came to eat in his restaurant, the day that a food blogger was doing a review. Braxton was so nervous that he ended up spilling the food and Phoenix came to the rescue. As he got to know Phoenix, he realized her life wasn't all sunshine and happiness and that she was like Rapunzel, locked away and only used for her parent's purposes which eventually was what killed her. During his therapy, Senara comes back, is Braxton this time around ready to stand up and be the man she needs him to be? Find out in "Seconds" by Cam Johns.

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