Friday, October 16, 2020

VBT # Stagefight - Mel Walker

Stagefight (Internet Famous, #2)

Review: Stagefight - Book # 2 Internet Famous Collection - Mel Walker - September 2020

Similar to the Modern Princess Collection, each book in the Internet Famous Collection is based on a fairytale story. Stagefight by Mel Walker is based loosely on The Princess and the 3Pea. Our book starts with famous rapper @PrinceAli wanting to change things up and put dancing back into his routines and videos as dance was always his passion and now his father on his deathbed has apologized and given Ali the chance to be who he is deep down and that's someone whose passion is dance.  Our female heroine Poppy is an amazing dancer but prefers to stay out of the spotlight as she has learned how brutal the internet can be. When her best friend and roommate announces that she is moving out and that Poppy needs to earn some extra money to pay for the lease, she secretly promotes Poppy as a private dance instructor. Poppy's friend is always trying to push her back into the spotlight and out of the shadows. When Ali meets Poppy, there is something about her that he wants and he believes that Poppy can give it to him. He has secretly put together an audition tape which only someone so fine-tuned can hear the mistake, will Poppy be his Princess and discover the "pea", something that hundreds of dancers before have failed to do? The other thing that was fun in this book was the references to Eminem's movie "8 mile" as this book contains some rap battles. If you love music, dance, and the world of social media - then check out StageFight by Mel Walker - Book #2 in the Internet Famous Collection.

Amazon Link - https://amzn.to/36qlEr6

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