Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review: Boomerang - Noelle August

Review: Boomerang - Book #1 Boomerang Series - Noelle August - July 2014

One night of letting their hair down and relaxing in a pub will be one night that they will never forget.  Ethan and Mia aren't the type of people who would normally have a one-night stand but it happened the night before they are both to start their new internships. What they don't realise until they get out of the cab at the same time, the next morning is that their internships are both at Boomerang - a dating company for those on the rebound and are wanting no-strings attached fun. The other thing that they didn't realise is that this internship was supposed to be a one-man job but the boss man Adam was so impressed with both of them , that he hired them both and now they must compete against each other for the end result of a job as their can only be one position opening. We read as Ethan and Mia try to go their separate ways and keep their relationship to strictly a co-worker working relationship, but what they can't deny is the passion and feelings that they both have harbouring for each other. What will happen though when they start to get just that little bit closer and end up breaking Adam's rule of no-dating in the workplace ? Have they both ruined their chances at a career or will they discover that two heads are better than one and prove to Adam that despite dating , that they are and will make the best employees for Boomerang.
Boomerang was a fun and fast-paced novel, told in two POVS per chapter - Mia and Ethan's. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 Rebound.

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