Tuesday, December 30, 2014

VBT# Whispers H.K Savage

Review: Whispers - HK Savage - December 2014

When I opened this book and read the first page, I had a whole different mindset for this novel as we are presented with a doctor's office and the doctor telling Natalie's parents that she is special. When I read this, I was thinking - alright , what's wrong with Natalie ? Has she been diagnosed with something or is she depressed as we later learned that she had been cutting herself ? The next chapter has readers see that Natalie is off to College and then we discover where not only the title of the book comes from, but also what her special "ability" is. Natalie can hear people's thoughts, upon enrolling Natalie meets Dr. Ivy who helps her learn to process the thoughts and exert control so that the feeling doesn't overwhelm her and send her spiralling back to crazy-land. It is here where Natalie meets Luka who we learn that he and his sister Emma have/had the same ability and Luka starts to teach Natalie how to control it. Things start to passion up as we see Luka and Natalie fall into relationship status, but there are people out there who aren't very happy with this sudden update in relationship status and tragedy occurs. Can Natalie have the tables spun and try and save Luka or was this relationship doomed from the start ? 
 This was a good read and perfect for those who love the edgy New Adult stories with a hint of Supernatural and Magical Abilites.


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