Wednesday, December 31, 2014

VBT# Riding it Out - Jennifer Foor

Review: Riding It Out - Book #1 The Storm - Jennifer Foor - December 2014

Told in two parts, Riding It Out starts with Erica ,whom has headed to her Grandmother's Bed and Breakfast to prepare for it's sale as her Grandmother has died and left it to her. She is not the type to run a B & B and prefers her fast-paced working life in the big city. While she is there, preparing things - two things happen, the first is that a stranger knocks on the door. It is pouring with rain and looks like thunderstorms are to be rolling in and he needs a place to sleep. Erica could turn him away, but something inside her tells her to let him in - so she does. The next thing that happens is the power goes out and so begins a fun book with the power out and two strangers - one guy and one girl. The two of course spark a romantic interest towards each other and end up sleeping with one another. The next day or so , he is gone - all she is left with is a name - Shawn Reed.
The second part is a couple of months down the track and Erica is ready to sell, or is she wanting to keep hold of the Bed and Breakfast as it has grown on her ? The real estate guy comes in with the interested party and it turns out to be none other than Shawn. Their second interaction sparks up more butterflies and sizzling chemistry and the pair begin dating and things are going awesome , that is until a blast from Shawn's past comes back in full blow -with a kid and causes Shawn to reveal his "true identity" and "past" to Erica. Will she believe him and love him still for who he really is or will this be the bump in the relationship that sends them spiralling back to square one ?
Find out in "Riding It Out" , the newest book released by Jennifer Foor.

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