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Review: 24 Hours - Claire Seeber

24 Hours 

Review: 24 Hours - Claire Seeber - October 2015

I'd been reading a lot of romance and new adult books lately and felt like mixing it up a little, and I was in the mood for a good mystery novel. Going through my Kindle, I came across a 2015 release "24 Hours" by Claire Seeber. The book started out intense as Laurie, and her best friend Emily were out at a spa having a girl's weekend, and her mother has taken Laurie's daughter Polly away for the weekend. All is going well until fire strikes, and one thing leads to another and Laurie wakes up in the hospital. She is alive, but Emily is dead, the thing though is that somehow their identities have been accidentally swapped and the police think that Laurie was the one to cause the fire.  Laurie now has 24 hours to find out who is trying to frame and kill her and to find her daughter Polly before it's too late. Laurie believes that it is her ex-husband Sid trying to kill her but what happens when during the 24 hours Laurie starts to think about all the people she knows and has to meet the past year and they all start looking more like suspects? We have Mal and Susie ( Leonard's separated parents), Sid and Jolie ( Sid's new girlfriend). I have to admit this book had a great lead-up but near the end when we discover what really happened that night out at the weekend spa , I was a tad disappointed at the twist as it felt like the twist had just appeared out of thin air as it had never been touched on or discussed anywhere else through the book unlike a few of the other angles it could have been.  If you are wanting a quick-paced UK mystery thriller, then check out 24 Hours by Claire Seeber and discover that anything can happen in 24 hours and how easily life can change for you in the blink of an eye.


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