Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review: Drill Me , Sergeant - Sylvia Fox

Drill Me, Sergeant

Review: Drill Me , Sergeant - Sylvia Fox - November 2016

Needing a smutty older man/ younger woman read? I have been making my way through Sylvia Fox's titles and Drill Me; Sergeant is the next one for me to complete. Like her previous books, this is a fast read. The book starts off with Nadine heading home for Thanksgiving, and once she arrives, there is a snowstorm which forces her parents to stay at her grandparent's house. We read as Nadine looks at the family pictures and we learn about her attraction to her father's best friend and military buddy Colt. Colt has known Nadine since she was a baby but as they have both gotten older, there is an undeniable chemistry. What will happen when the pair end up being the only ones home while everyone else is stranded with the snowstorm? A sex fuelled weekend and we discover that Colt has a dominant side in the bedroom. All goes well with their romantic tryst until Nadine ends up pregnant. What will Nadine's parent's reaction be when they discover their best friend just knocked up their daughter? Something that I did like about this one was that the mother was supportive of the relationship and gave this great piece of advice - “Love is a funny thing,” she says. “It doesn’t see age or color. It doesn’t see right or wrong. It doesn’t see time or space. It just is.” If you are looking for another Older Man/Younger Woman, read with a military background then check out "Drill Me, Sergeant" by Sylvia Fox.

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