Friday, March 3, 2017

Review: In Plain Sight - Amy Sparling

In Plain Sight

Review: In Plain Sight - Book #1 In Plain Sight - Amy Sparling - July 2016

Growing up , Maddie Sinclair has learned to make do with what she has as they move from home to home and she babysits her younger siblings while her mum works two jobs, just to keep the roof which is, in fact, a trailer over their heads and food which equates to bread and as a special treat - damaged goods like pop tarts from one of her mum's jobs. Maddie has been at her new school for the past four months and is the invisible one. That is until after Summer Break when her life completely flips upside down. Her mother has gotten engaged, and they are moving in from their trailer to his house. His house happens to be in the wealthiest neighborhood of their town and a mansion complete with its cinema. Soon Maddie will discover what it is to have money, everything she ever wants and needs and of course her own personal maid Pam. During the summer, Maddie decides to re-invent herself and when her classmates believe she is a newcomer - Maddie goes along with it and finds herself rubbing shoulders and being best buddies with the popular crowd of the school and even finds herself a boyfriend in a jock Colby Jensen. What will happen though when her past is brought to light? Will Maddie be ostracized once again or will her new friends like her for who she is and not for the money she has? I have to admit , I found this read interesting as It did get me thinking about whether the wealthy ones are real that superficial and I have to admit that after attending a rich school as a scholarship kid, it is like this - that if you are not wealthy like them or act as they are then you are frowned upon and picked on as the poor kid.  I think that if I came into a lot of money like Maddie, that I too would try and change everything and become a "new me."  After finishing this book, I went on and purchased the next one in the series and am looking forward to continuing Amy Sparling's In Plain Sight series.

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