Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review: Mistaken - Laurelin McGee

MisTaken (Miss Match, #1.5)

Review: Mistaken - Book #1.5 Miss Match Series - Laurelin McGee - February 2016

I have to admit I had been looking forward to this book as I love both of the authors that make up the pen name Laurelin McGee. On the other hand, I had thought that it might have like a mistaken identity type storyline as I enjoy those. Mistaken turned out to be a Matchmaking type novel and a tale of a feminist learning to give over control in the bedroom and that sometimes in life, you can be a feminist and stand strong for the female sex,  but ultimately have to admit that there are a few things that males outweigh females in and one of those is what they can do in the bedroom and behind closed doors. Jaylene Kim has had a string of bad dates and blind ones, and the date her neighbor set her up on was the last straw. She just wants someone who she can talk to about books, life and someone who will accept her for who she is. Enter Noah, he has just moved into the apartment building by Jaylene, and the pair seems to click. Noah is an introvert but with a kinky side as he is, in fact, an erotic romance writer a occupation far from the cocaine dealer that Jaylene thinks he must be as he is quite secretive about his work which if you were a male erotica romance writer, I'm sure you too would keep it on the down low or at least use a pen name. Mistaken also turned out to be a Novella whereas I thought that it would be a full novel, so it is a quick-ish read.  If you are looking for a contemporary romance with a few heated scenes and laughs, then check out Mistaken by Laurelin McGee. Though this is Book #1.5, it can be read as a stand-alone novel.


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