Friday, March 3, 2017

Review: Wicked Beast - Nazarea Andrews

Wicked Beast (Wicked Ever After, #2)

Review: Wicked Beast - Book #2 Wicked Ever After Series - Nazarea Andrews - February 2017

First off, I want you before you even open these books to delete any preconceptions and knowledge that you know about the fairytale Beauty and the Beast and when I say everything, I mean it - start with a clean blank slate. The reason is if you don't then you will be like me and be a tad confused right through the whole book. The other thing is to be prepared for a world of sex and BDSM and hardcore BDSM too - none of this light and fluffy scenes. Wicked Beast tells the story of James Lutz aka Beast who lives in the Kingdom with his three best friends - the Brotherhood - Charming, Wolf, and Mal. James though his nickname is the Beast or Beastie, he is, in fact, a Submissive.  The story starts with Beast asking Beauty for a favor and with her favors aren't free, they come with strings attached. The beast must be Beauty's submissive for three months. Beast agrees, and things seem to progress well until one night he is pushed too hard and starts to break. In this scene, we discover how close he is with his brothers Mal and Wolf and how deep exactly their friendships run in both the brotherhood and a submissive/dominant style relationship. Heads up readers, there are some scenes of GLBT and extreme BDSM in Wicked Beast, so if that's not your scene, then I would suggest not reading this book. If you do like your fairytale renditions, books with twists and don't mind that dark erotica feel - then check out Wicked Beast by Nazarea Andrews. I am looking forward now to reading Wicked Beast to discovering the other novellas in the Wicked Ever After Series and learning about Mal, Wolf and Charming's lives.


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