Friday, March 10, 2017

VBT# A Boy Like You - Ginger Scott

I have to admit I am a huge fan of the whole friends to lovers stories and even so when they are reunited years later, and there is a story to tell. Even more so, when the person comes back with a different name and you are left confused as part of you knows it's the same person but then are you certain as they have a different name? Years ago, Joss had everything she ever wanted - she had great friends and more so a Mother and Dad who loved her more than anything. One day that was taken from her in a swoop as it started like any other after school day where her friends and classmates had turned up for the races which were held at Joss's house including the new weird kid Christopher. Next thing she knows her mother and father are arguing, her mom leaves with another a guy, and her dad drives his car towards Joss almost killing her. Had it not been for her savior that day, Christopher. Then just like that, he vanished, and then the book fast-forwards eight years into the future and Joss is at the high school. This year there are three new yummy boys for the picking, and they are good at Softball just like her. One, in particular, Wes fascinates her, and as they spend more time together, she is convinced he is Christopher. However, he doesn't seem to know her unless he's putting on a very good act? As the year goes by and Joss struggles deeper with her relationship - Wes becomes her sounding board but as her emotions become entangled into their friendship, can Joss separate Christopher from Wes as they obviously aren't the same person or are they? I enjoyed A Boy Like You as I do wonder whether if you ran into someone who you briefly knew 10-20 years ago today, would you recognize them? Would you be their friends or would you ignore them and pretend to be someone else?

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