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Review: And Then There was One - Patricia Gussin

And Then There Was One

Review: And Then There was One - Patricia Gussin - October 2010

In the mood for a mystery novel? Once upon a time, there were three girls that were identical triplets who had gone to the movies with their cousin. One of the girls Jackie had gone into one of the cinemas with her cousin and the other two girls Sammie and Alex had gone to see the movie right next door.  Jackie and their cousin's movie had finished first, so they waited for them, but neither girl came out of the theater. We later learn that Sammie and Alex have been kidnapped and so begins a tale of Katie and Scott's nightmare as they hunt for their daughters and during this time secrets and skeletons that should have stayed in the closet are revealed from ex-boyfriends, past lives, and enemies. What will happen though when days pass with no ransom or notes? Who has their daughters and why? What will happen when their remaining triplet falls ill and lands in the hospital? Now with two girls missing and the third not waking up, Katie and Scott's relationship will be put to the test, and their limits broadened as they fight against the clock to save their whole family. I have to admit that though I did enjoy parts of this story, I did find that it was too busy and had provided the reader with far too many possible suspects and though the characters did all intertwine there were parts of the story and characters that were deemed unnecessary to the story's ending. If you do love your mystery novels and are a fan of shows like Criminal Minds and Chicago PD, then take a trip down memory lane and check out this 2010 release "And Then There was One" by Patricia Gussin today.


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