Monday, May 29, 2017

Review: Chance Encounters - Jessica Prince

Chance Encounters

Review: Chance Encounters - The Locklaine Boys  Spin-Off #1 - Jessica Prince - 2017

I have enjoyed this author's books previously, so when I saw that she had written a new one I knew I had to read it. The other thing that got me all excited about this book was that the main character was seen as a Nerd and socially awkward - Jessica had me at Nerd. Melany Fitzgerald has been working for one of the Locklaine Brothers in their architect firm as a PA and is totally crushing hard on one of the architects Logan. If only she could talk to him and get him to notice her, she may finally have her HEA. Enter Chance Hoffman - those who have read the previous Locklaine Boys series will remember Chance - he is the playboy who tried to get with Devin, he did manage a mini-fling with her till she came to her senses. Chance meets Mel at a work- party and is intrigued by her and her quirkiness. One thing leads to another, and he agrees to help her try and get her man.  She reluctantly agrees, and the first step is seeing Pepper who owns Fire and Ice. What I loved about this book, was that it brought back all our favorite characters from Jessica's previous books and series. Of course readers, you can see what's going to happen as Chance spends more time with Mel and others start to get attracted to her. Chance = Jealous and now he has to fight for the first time in his spoilt playboy life for something he wants and needs. One of the parts that I loved about Chance Encounters was a side storyline of the interactions between Mel and her mother as her mother was the classic evil mother who blamed and relied heavily on Mel for everything. I think overall one of the main reasons; I loved Chance Encounters is that I found myself to be similar to Mel in more than a few ways. If you want a fun Contemporary Romantic Comedy to read, then check out Chance Encounters by Jessica Prince.


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