Friday, May 19, 2017

Review: Duke of Manhattan - Louise Bay

Duke of Manhattan

Review: Duke of Manhattan - Louise Bay - May 2017
Remember Louise Bay's book King of Wall Street Max and Harper? Duke of Manhattan is the story of Max's sister Scarlett. Ryder Westbury is in line for the title of Duke of Fairfax as his grandfather is getting ill and has had a stroke. The trust contains everything from the Estate to the money and control over the Westbury finances. The only thing standing in his way of receiving the trust is the fact that he is single. The trust states that to receive the inheritance, the oldest male in the Westbury family must be married. At this stage, if Ryder can't find a wife, then the inheritance will go to his nemesis - his cousin Fredrick and his selfish wife, Victoria. Enter Scarlett King; she is the co-founder of the company Cecily Fragrance - the company which Ryder is trying to purchase. The company should take the offer but Scarlett and Cecily to them, this company is more than just a business - it is their passion and baby.  Ryder and Scarlett had an amazing and intense night of passion, and it has left Ryder wanting more. Ryder has a proposition that will help both of them if Scarlett accepts his arrangement of marriage he will pay off her business loans. What starts as an arrangement though will develop into something more, but not without their ups and downs and miscommunication skills. One of my favorite things about Louise Bay's books is the quick wit and banter between the characters - like who else could make a game of Croquet into an innuendo for sexual acts. If you love arrangement Marriages and friends to lover stories, then check out Duke of Manhattan and with the bonus of being reunited with our favorite characters from Duke of Manhattan.

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