Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Review : Breath of Malice - Karen Fenech

When Paige Turner help takes down a serial killer, she should have received praise and possibly a promotion as if it hadn't been for her then he would still be on the run killing people. However, things don't tend to work out the way they should in life and her capturing backfired as though he went to prison. Paige was targeted by the killer, and then when she went for help from her co-workers, she was mocked. This forced her to pack up and leave and just when life was starting to look up for Paige and her sister Ivy whom she is a guardian for, Paige is sent a postcard from Todd Thames - the suspected serial killer. No matter where she goes, he finds her and threatens Ivy and Paige's livelihood. Paige fearing for their lives puts in for a transfer to a small town FBI branch with the hopes that being out in the middle of nowhere that Todd Thames can't locate her. However, life and our pasts have a funny way of catching up with us and that no matter how far we try to distance ourselves or forget the situation, it will always come crashing into our current realities. Just as Paige and Ivy are settling in and Paige is starting a possible relationship with fellow FBI agent Sam, news that Todd Thames has been released is revealed, and Todd is coming for Paige and will do anything to make sure he gets her. Even if that means coming for the ones she loves which now includes Sam and his son Jonah. Will her new team be more supportive and help her stop Todd Thames before she or anyone else she cares about becomes his next victim? Find out in this FBI mystery novel "Breath of Malice" by Karen Fenech.

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