Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review: Behind the Curtain - Beth Kery

Behind the Curtain 

Review: Behind the Curtain - Beth Kery - May 2017

Asher is back home to talk to his parents after being away doing photojournalism overseas . With his 30th birthday coming up , he is back to tell his parents that he doesn't want a cent of their money and that they can stuff his trust where the sun doesn't shine.  While back home with his friends Rudy and Jimmy, they take him to a club where the singer Yesnia is live. She sings behind a curtain and wears a veil. Nobody knows her name or her identity. When Asher hears her voice, there is something that her voice ignites and he believes he has heard it before years ago. Coming back the next night , Asher takes the subway and runs into the singer only to discover that it is none other than Laila - the girl who got away eight years ago. His one true love , His Juliet to his Romeo. Meeting one summer , Laila and Asher fell deeply in love but they came from two different worlds and cultures and their families pulled them apart and they went their separate ways but never forgot one another.  Asher let Laila go once but this time he is standing his ground and will fight for her and let her know that he's not going anywhere and will do anything to prove his love for her. I loved this book as I am one for soulmates in books and though this book had the look of becoming an erotica romance it in fact was a sweet contemporary romance of true love and second chances which is in my top five list of tropes to read about. Will Asher and Laila ever get their happily ever after or will they find that their families are still trying to stand in the way of their happiness ? Find out in Beth Kery's latest romance  "Behind the Curtain" . 


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