Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review: We Shouldn't and Yet - Stephanie Witter

We Shouldn't And Yet...

Review: We Shouldn't and Yet - Stephanie Witter - October 2016
Aideen needed a fresh start after a tragedy rocked her world, so when her best friend Hal offers her to stay with them till she can find a new apartment, she accepts the offer. The thing though is that Hal is secretly in love with Aideen but when she meets Jensen - Hal's newly found dad, there is sizzling chemistry.  Aideen has never felt this way, but she knows it's wrong, but she can't help fall for Jensen. As the story goes along, we read the interactions between Jensen and Aideen and the back and forth between the characters and how they are keeping the secret of their sexual relationship from Hal. To be honest, as I have read several older man/ younger woman stories this one could have gone a different way. I am not one for playing games as I loved the character of Jensen as he wanted to be with Aideen and was willing to change his way to be with her and become a better person, but she was holding the cards and decided that she would keep it quiet and at the time string along both Hal and Jensen . I did like how the story finished, but I believe the story could have been smoother if she had fully accepted the decisions she made as though she wanted a fresh beginning, she still felt ashamed for her decisions and in parts. I wanted to scream at Aideen to stop using Yann as an excuse and her past and grow up and take some responsibility for her actions. If you are wanting an older man/ younger woman and love triangle novel to read, then check out We Shouldn't and Yet by Stephanie Witter. 

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: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32660725-we-shouldn-t-and-yet?ac=1&from_search=true


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