Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review: Rescue Me - Sara Schoen

Rescue Me (Escape from Reality Series, #1)

Review: Rescue Me - Book #1 The Escape From Reality Series - Sara Schoen - May 2017

Before Rescue Me, I had read one of this author's books "The Rebellion Project" which was a finding yourself and experiencing life to the full and a fun YA Read. I wasn't sure what to expect with Rescue Me. I thought it would be another YA type romance read but turned out to have a suspense feel to the novel as the main character is running from her ex-boyfriend. He has made her life hell and won't let her move on; he has the whole if I can't have her anyone else can philosophy going on and it has been taken to the whole new level with Mia having to be on the run and hide in her self-made witness protection program. Reading Rescue Me with the running away theme made me remember the movie "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks where the main character set up a new life in the middle of nowhere.  Not wanting to start any romantic entanglements or get close to anyone Mia tries to keep her distance but she's chosen a small town and she's the shiny new toy.  Especially for Gage Greystone when most people date him for his money and family name, will Mia finally give into Gage after weeks of his persevering ? What will happen though when Mia finally opens her heart to Gage, and her past comes hurtling towards her at full speed and this time her ex-has taken the "If I can't have you, no-one can" to a dangerous level. Rescue Me was a tad slow in places but if you want a clean NA Romantic Suspense then check out Book#1 Rescue Me by Sara Schoen.  The other thing that was noted at the end of the book is that Sara has brought together past characters into the story from her other books like The Rebellion Project.

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