Friday, May 26, 2017

Review: The Beauty of Lies - Brinda Berry

The Beauty of Lies (Stand by Me, #1)

Review: The Beauty of Lies - Books #1 Stand By Me Series - Brinda Berry - October 2015

Secrets are exposed, trust is betrayed and two people face the beauty of lies.

Leo Jensen has a secret life, to his friends he is plain old Leo but to the world, he is known as something more sinister and dangerous. To the world, Leo Jensen is known as Mr. Expose. He exposes the lies and secrets of the world and makes the public face up to their lies and hidden truths. Most people send Leo requests via postcards with their confessions or their stories - the ones they want to be published.  For one female in particular though, she doesn't want her truth and submission to be published and will do anything to stop it, especially since he doesn't seem to be taking her email requests seriously.  Harper Wade fell in love with a man and thought she had met the guy of her dreams as they married. Then he died, and Harper soon learned the dark truth, that the husband she loved was in fact already married with another family. He had been living two lives. Harper in a fit of anger wanted to expose him, but as she got to know his other family and daughter - she softened and decided to protect him so his daughter wouldn't grow up thinking awful of her father. To do that though, she had to stop the postcard from being published. Harper then took things to the next level by semi-stalking Leo and moving into his apartment building after befriending Leo's sister. What will happen though when Harper and Leo start dating and start to fall for one another? Will Leo still want Harper when he discovers the truth especially since exposing the truth is his ideal goal and if there is anything that he hates the most - it's Liars. 
To find out whether Leo decided to forgive Harper and move on, check out Book #1 in the Stand By Me series by Brinda Berry. 

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