Monday, May 29, 2017

Review: Anxious in Atlanta - Kirsten Osbourne

Anxious in Atlanta (A Magnolias and Moonshine #11) 

Review: Anxious in Atlanta - Book #12 -At the Altar , Book #11 Magnolias and Moonshine - Kirsten Osbourne - April 2017

The latest anthology type series to hit the shelves is Magnolias and Moonshine which is a set of twenty stories set in Southern states with Romance. After attending RT2017 and going to their Magnolias and Moonshine party, it made me want to read them even more so while on the airplane home, I managed to read a couple of them. They are sweet romances that end in an eventual HEA, and the covers are soo PINK haha.
Anxious in Atlanta by Kirsten Osbourne is the read for all those out there who love the whole arrangement marriages storyline.  Jean is a hardworking stockbroker and doesn't have time for love, and she finds it hard to find decent guys who want to date her. When her best friend finds a happy match on a Wedding match site called Matrichmony. Jean decides to sign-up, and she is paired by the infamous Dr. Lachle - creator of the site with Dillon Jefferies.  Dillon's grandfather who raised him is dying, and for the will and a trust fund to go to Dillon, he needs to marry within three months otherwise he will forfeit his trust fund and the business which he has worked hard for.  There are no loopholes, so Dillon signs up for Matrichmony which is run by a family friend. She has the perfect girl for Dillon. Will it be love at first sight for this married couple or will Jean's history make her doubt her feelings and Dillon's feelings for her? Anxious in Atlanta was a sweet romance story of Marriage at first sight and my favorite endings where the arranged marriages of convenience turn into perfect love and happy endings.

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