Monday, May 29, 2017

Review: From Now On - Raine English

Moving on to another in the Magnolias and Moonshine series and From Now On by Raine English followed another of my favorite themes - Second Chance Romances. Whitney Adams fell head over heels for Cash Galloway, so much that they were about to get married but at the last minute she broke it off with him as he was off to do big and better things - destined for greatness, away from their small hometown. When Whitney broke up with Cash, she was also pregnant with his daughter, and Cash's evil stepmother played a huge part in their relationship sinking and made sure her son never knew about the pregnancy. Now Cash is back in town, and Whitney is a business owner of Atlanta Belles - a hair and beauty business. She has been saving up to buy the building but now has competition as Cash's business wants to acquire the building. Cash is about to have his eyes opened as he discovers the owner he is up against is none other than Whitney - someone he wants to have a second chance with and possibly a future. What will happen though when he discovers secrets and skeletons in both his and Whitney's families? One's that concern him deeply. Will Cash and Whitney finally get their HEA which is long overdue? 
Find out in Book #14 of the Magnolias and Moonshine series "From Now On" by Raine English.


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