Sunday, September 30, 2018

Review: Honor - Kennedy Layne

Honor (Bad Boy Homecoming, #4)

Review: Honor - Book #4 Bad Boy Homecoming Series - Kennedy Layne - June 2017
Derek is back home from the Marine Corps after his father landed in the hospital. His parents feel that they owe his recovery to Tessa and inform Tessa that since Derek is back home, maybe they can go to the high school reunion together. Neither was going to go as it's the last thing on Derek's mind, and for Tessa, she has been so busy with work and trying to keep her life together as someone wants Tessa dead as she has got a stalker and it doesn't seem like whoever it may be is going to stop anytime soon. After a few more interactions, Derek feels the need to protect Tessa, and they finally decide to accompany each other to their ten-year High school reunion. The night doesn't bode so well for Tessa as she is attacked again, this time in the women's restroom. Tessa and Derek leave, and soon we can see a romance brewing between the pair as well as the fact someone really is turning up the stalker ante on Tessa. When the stalker finally corners Tessa, will it end with her dead on the floor or will Derek be able to step in and save the day and in doing so realising he doesn't plan on letting Tessa go ever again ? Find out in Honor by Kennedy Layne, another great tale in the Bad Boy Homecoming series.

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