Friday, September 14, 2018

VBT# Dickensen Academy - Christine Grabowski

Dickensen Academy

Review: Dickensen Academy - Christine Grabowski - September 2018

This book grabbed me from the title as one of my favorite tropes to read boarding school novels. Autumn Mattison has a chance to get away from her family and start fresh at the boarding school Dickensen Academy, she is reluctant at first but she has a dream of the school, and this makes her believe it is a sign that she belongs here. As Autumn tries to balance the schoolwork load as her father is pressuring her for good grades otherwise, he will pull her out of the school. The thing is though that this school isn't like any other; this school has power - the power of creating dreams or nightmares and projecting them onto others. This made me wonder about dreams and nightmares as I was reading the book. I had hoped to find out more about the character Caitlyn Black and her prestigious family, but maybe we might see her in a later book. This book mainly focused on Autumn as a coming of age novel and watching as she grows out of her shell with her friends and a potential boyfriend in Ben and I am so glad that Autumn decided to re-attend the school as there was a point in the book which made you think whether she would return and what might have happened to her if she had decided not to come back as we did read of dropout students having their memories wiped.


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book.


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