Saturday, September 29, 2018

VBT# : The Victoria Lie - Sarah Marie Graye

The Victoria Lie (The Butterfly Effect, #2)

Review: The Victoria Lie - Book #2 The Butterfly Effect - Sarah Marie Graye - August 2018
The first thing you need to know about this series is that it is like the film festival version of books. If you imagine it being like one of those weird films you see at the film festivals, then you have The Butterfly Effect series. The second thing is that both books in this series have a theme of suicide.  I have to admit reading this book, it started off semi-normal with Zoe who has planned to kill herself, and she ends up in the hospital ready to say goodbye to the two people she cares about as much as she can - Alison and James. I have to admit though Zoe was later diagnosed with ADHD, I would have her more so diagnosed with possible sociopathic tendencies. We also are introduced to a tag-along character Tori aka Victoria who is a compulsive liar and loves to be needed so much she thrives off it. She's the type of person I could imagine being diagnosed with Munchenhausen Syndrome. We then also have Ruby who is a childhood friend of Alison's who has come up for support. Zoe's plan of attack backfires, but that's not going to stop her from completing her plan of death. I am still a tad confused as the author brought in characters from the first book and it showed how they had drifted apart since the end of the book.  For me, even after finishing the story - I am confused. The point I think though is that every action has a consequence and that one step can lead to a combination of different events - known as The Butterfly Effect.


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