Sunday, September 30, 2018

Review : How to Disappear - Sharon Huss Roat

How to Disappear

Review: How to Disappear - Sharon Huss Roat - August 2017

This book was one that will tug on your emotional heartstrings as we meet Vicky Decker who is shy and has severe social anxiety especially now since her best friend has moved away and she feels all alone.  One day while playing around with photoshop as Vicky is a photoshop genius, she creates a new Instagram account called Vicurious where she posts photoshopped pictures of herself at events surrounded by people. As the book goes along, we read as the account Vicurious goes viral, and the number of subscribers keeps rising. As Vicky starts posting more, she learns more about the world and the people around her and that just like her; there are thousands out there that are lonely, and some need someone to care for them or tell them that they are not invisible. What happens though when Vicky's life becomes so wrapped up in the Vicurious account that she doesn't realize what is happening around her in real life and that the ones she cares about, need her more than anything else in life. Can Vicky disconnect for a moment to save her friend Jenna's life? This got me thinking about social media and loneliness as sometimes being popular in the social world can make you feel important and not forgotten as in real life, we can be just as lonely as Vicky.  For me,  online I have people who I would consider friends, but If I was to compare, I have more people online who I would call friends than in reality as I find it hard to make friends and connect with people.

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