Sunday, September 16, 2018

Review: Private Princess - James Patterson and Rees Jones

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Private Princess (Private, #14)

Review: Private Princess - Book #14 Private Series - James Patterson and Rees Jones - May 2018
As a big reader, sometimes amidst the romance books I read I love to have a change and mystery novels are my go-to-reads. This one grabbed my attention as. First it was a Private novel featuring Jack Morgan and it had to do with the royal family. Private Princess takes us back to London where Jack and his team have been hired by the princess to find a missing person. As the team looks for her, the crew start coming up against danger as they are being hunted themselves. Who is out to kill the Private squad and ruin Jack Morgan? Is it to do with the case they are on or something more sinister. When it comes to the Private series for me, I either like the books, or I can't get into them. Private Princess was one that I could get into and read and as I had just seen the new Mission Impossible film recently - Fallout, the Jack Morgan Team reminded me of Tom Cruise's character and his team members. Private Princess was another fantastic installment in the Private series by James Patterson and also welcomed Rees Jones's into the world of James Patterson's novel family. 


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